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Unitronic Powered Big Turbo MKVI GTI Hits the Dyno

JR Zacotinsky (U-20T on GolfMK6.com enthusiast forums) and his 2.0L TSI equipped 2011 MK6 GTI have been itching for more power.  Previously making 370WHP, JR’s EJ400 equipped TSI was ready for the challenge!  This past week, with the assistance of our Authorized Dealer, Force Fed Engineering and their Dynojet 224x Chassis Dynamometer, we were able to take our Big Turbo Performance Software calibration to the next level, making 470WHP/390WTQ , before the PTE 5530 turbo exceeded it’s capabilities.   Boost was set at 28PSI, on pump gas and water/methanol injection, and featuring our newly released TSI High Output Fuel System upgrade. Despite all of these modifications, the car is still his daily driver!

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