Audi®* R8®* 5.2L FSI V10 Lambo stage2

Unitronic is proud to present it’s complete tuning solution for the R8 5.2L FSI V10 Lambo

After much research and development, Unitronic’s comprehensive ECU re-calibration refines and boosts the performance of the R8 5.2L FSI V10 Lambo and sets the industry standard for reliability and power. The refinements in power delivery provide a large increase in low RPM torque as well as a substantial increase in top end power delivery. Tuning with all factory safety limiters maintained, Unitronic offers performance software and hardware to match your demand for performance and reliability.

The power that should have been there from the factory is unleashed with Unitronic’s ECU upgrade for the R8 5.2L FSI V10 Lambo

Stock Power : 525HP / 390LB-TQ

Unitronic stage2 : 605HP / 440LB-TQ

Price : $ 1,500 (USD)


Performance Software Precisely Engineered to Run with a Upgraded Exhaust.
gas type

Gas type

Optimized for 93 Octane / 98 Ron gas


Flashed directly through the (OBDII) Diagnostic port of your vehicle (30-45 minutes).
(In some rare cases it may require a little more time.)


This vehicle has added support through UniCONNECT which allows you to program your own vehicle right in your own garage. Learn More


  • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
  • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
  • Factory Safety Limiters Retained
  • Greatest Power and Torque Gains in the Industry, Guaranteed!
  • Optimized Responsiveness and Drivability
  • Optimized Smoothness and Driving Comfort
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Speed Governor Removed
  • RPM Limiter Increased to 8500
  • Improved Engine Dynamics
  • Ignition Timing Precisely Calibrated for Higher Octane Fuel
  • Precisely Calibrated for an Upgraded Exhaust System (Go Green - Use a Catalytic Converter)
  • Optimized for a High Flow Catalytic Converter
required hardware

Required hardware

  • Upgraded Exhaust System
recommended hardware

Recommended hardware

  • Cold Air Intake / Short Ram


ecu stage power levels gain over stock octane dyno runs
Stock 525HP / 390TQ - - Stock Power
Stage1 560HP / 410TQ +35HP / +20TQ 91 Octane / 95 Ron gas -
Stage1+ 580HP / 428TQ +55HP / +38TQ 93 Octane / 98 Ron gas -


605HP / 440TQ +80HP / +50TQ 93 Octane / 98 Ron gas -

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