Cold Air Intake for Volkswagen®* Jetta®* GLI®* MK6 2.0L TSI®* 2008+

Unitronic is proud to present it’s complete tuning solution for the Jetta GLI MK6 2.0L TSI 2008+

After much research and development, Unitronic’s comprehensive ECU re-calibration refines and boosts the performance of the Jetta GLI MK6 2.0L TSI 2008+ and sets the industry standard for reliability and power. The refinements in power delivery provide a large increase in low RPM torque as well as a substantial increase in top end power delivery. Tuning with all factory safety limiters maintained, Unitronic offers performance software and hardware to match your demand for performance and reliability.

The power that should have been there from the factory is unleashed with Unitronic’s ECU upgrade for the Jetta GLI MK6 2.0L TSI 2008+

Cold Air Intake (UH001-INA)

Price : $ 399.99 (USD)


With extensive background in engineering the finest in Performance Software, Unitronic developed an intake system that maximizes performance, while maintaining precise MAF scaling, as a result of its sensitivity on this platform. This translates into a complete Cold Air Intake System that is sure to perform to the maximum, providing increased power, air velocity, and throttle response, while also decreasing air intake temperatures and turbo lag. In addition, Unitronic’s Cold Air Intake will enhance the sound of your turbocharger and diverter valve.

Intake Systems featuring a free flowing, open element design will result in a more audible sound from your vehicle’s turbocharger. Additionally, due to the Diverter Valve (DV) being located directly on the compressor housing of the turbocharger, an audible resonance can be heard through the free flowing, open element design on this application, as illustrated with the associated diagram.



Difficulty: 1 / 5

The Unitronic Cold Air Intake System for the Volkswagen Jetta GLI MK6 2.0L TSI 2008+ is designed to be simple to install with all the hardware necessary included. Installation time will take approximately one hour including the removal of the factory intake and installation of your new intake system. A difficulty rating of 1 means that minimal tools and experience are required and those with a basic understanding of the vehicle should have no problem completing the installation.

The attached PDF provides a comprehensive installation walthrough on a MK6 GTI (including CCTA and CBFA revisions). It includes a complete list of tools and other requirements necessary for the installation.

Unitronic products are designed to meet all manufacturer tolerances and specification with regard to installation ease and tolerances. All of our products are developed to the highest standard of fitment and finish to ensure that it lasts the life of your vehicle.

Installation Guide


  • Constructed of Lighweight 3-inch 6062 Aluminum Tubing
  • Long Lasting Wrinkle Black Powdercoated Finish
  • Lightweight 5051 Aluminum Heatshield
  • Proprietary 3-inch Dry-Filter (Cotton)
  • 4-ply Silicone Couplers
  • 5-ply Silicone Transitions
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
required hardware

Hardware Included

  • 3-inch Powdercoated Aluminum Intake Tube
  • 4-ply 3-inch to 2.25-inch Silicone Reducer
  • 4-ply 3-inch Silicone Straight Coupler
  • 5-ply 3-inch Silicone “J” Coupler
  • 3-inch Dry-Filter (Cotton)
  • Powdercoated Aluminum Heatshield
  • Coolant Hose Mounting Clip
  • Stainless Steel Heatshield Mounting Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • SAI Breather Filter for CBFA engines (Sold separately)
Recommended software

Recommended Software

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 1+
  • Stage 2 (If equipped with Unitronic's 3'' Downpipe)
  • Stage 2+ (If equipped with Unitronic's K04 kit and 3'' Downpipe)

Product video


ecu stage power levels gain over stock octane dyno runs
Stock 200HP / 207TQ - - Stock Power
Stage1 245HP / 280TQ +45HP / +73TQ 91 Octane / 95 Ron gas View Dyno Graph
Stage1+ 260HP / 295TQ +60HP / +88TQ 93 Octane / 98 Ron gas View Dyno Graph
Stage2 280HP / 325TQ +80HP / +118TQ 93 Octane / 98 Ron gas View Dyno Graph
Stage2+ 340HP / 330TQ +140HP / +123TQ 93 Octane / 98 Ron gas View Dyno Graph
Stage3 Up to 600HP +400HP / Varies 91 Octane - 93 Octane -

Dyno Graph

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