Unitronic Genuine Products - Key Benefits

High Quality Standards

Unitronic Genuine Performance Software will allow you to appreciate a truly unforgettable driving experience. Avoid the unpleasant surprises associated with low grade and counterfeit performance software, such as irregular malfunctions, Check Engine Lights, poor fuel efficiency and mechanical failure. Invest your hard earned money wisely; choose software that has a proven reliability record, the highest quality standards and a world renowned reputation. If you care about your car, don't settle for just any software; choose Unitronic Genuine Performance Software.

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Precision, Accuracy and Safety

Every single Unitronic Genuine Performance Software is specifically designed for an individual ECU Code and Software revision, meaning that each software is developed in direct accordance with the specifications established by the manufacturer. In fact, Unitronic goes beyond the standard specifications to develop software that will improve every aspect of your driving experience. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, Unitronic rigorously controls the quality and consistency of our software; no other reseller can compete with this level of precision. We conduct stringent quality control checks to ensure that every vehicle remains as safe and reliable as the day it first went on the road. We are committed to offering you a truly refined product that is designed specifically for your vehicle, ensuring maximum reliability.

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Customer Care and Support

When you use Unitronic Genuine Performance Products you not only get the ultimate driving experience – you also gain access to a very knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff that is always available to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We have earned a significant reputation for our world-renowned customer care and support; we take great pride in this reputation and will continue to provide the best customer service every day. Whether you are a customer of Unitronic or interested in becoming one, exceptional expert advice is only a phone call away.

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Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Unitronic stands behind its Performance Software & Hardware to deliver its Clients with the performance, quality, and reliability the brand has been established on. Unitronic offers a hassle free, no questions asked 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on its Performance Software and a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original Client on its Performance Hardware.

Our goal is to enhance your vehicle’s performance, while ensuring the advertised power figures are met. Our risk-free guarantee exists to bring you peace of mind, so rest assured that Unitronic will go the extra mile for you, every time. To take advantage of our 15-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, simply return to the Authorized Dealer for a reflash back to stock and a refund (less installation fees, labor, or taxes).

We are here to serve you and build on our solid reputation, one satisfied customer at a time. That’s why all original owners of Unitronic Performance Software benefit from this risk-free guarantee.

Unitronic Performance Hardware products are backed by a limited-lifetime warranty to the original owner/purchaser against manufacturer or craftsmanship defects. In the unfortunately circumstances that you must take advantage of this warranty coverage, proof of original purchase from Unitronic or an Authorized Unitronic Dealer must be provided. Some products require professional installation and therefore installation must be performed by a Unitronic Authorized Dealer or equally qualified professional VW/Audi specialty workshop to qualify for warranty coverage. Please contact Unitronic for more details.

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Low Grade or Counterfeit Performance Software

The producers of counterfeit or low grade Performance Software are not concerned with the reliability of your engine or your personal safety; in most cases their motives are strictly financial. Low grade Performance Software is often created using estimations and is not subjected to any extensive testing or development. Would you let your accountant perform brain surgery on you? So why let anyone but the experts touch the brain of your car?
When quality standards are neglected, the consequences to your engine can be serious and often dangerous. For the sake of your vehicle, let recognized professionals handle this delicate procedure. Don't settle for anything less than true Unitronic Genuine Performance Software.

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Unitronic Software Guarantee

Unitronic ECU software upgrades are designed to offer your vehicle the highest level of performance and reliability, and by offering a non-transferable lifetime limited warranty, we are setting the precedent even higher for the ECU tuning industry.

This warranty does not cover any ECU parts, any mechanical issues or defective components unrelated to software installation. Unitronic reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim if problems arise from improper installation, misuse, or abuse. Further, Unitronic reserves the right to inspect the ECU for evidence of tampering or misuse. If such is the case, the claim may be denied.

If a manufacturer's ECU update overwrites the Performance Software, Unitronic and its dealers will happily reinstall it for you. In such a case, installation charges may apply and may vary between dealers.

For more information please visit our website or contact our Head Office at 1-866-341-2447. Unitronic reserves the right to refuse any refund claims if the request is judged to be inappropriate or dishonest.

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Unitronic Hardware Warranty

Unitronic Performance Hardware Products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original retail purchaser (“consumer”) against manufacturing defects or craftsmanship flaw. Warranty only applicable on Unitronic Hardware purchased from Unitronic or an Authorized Unitronic Dealer or Distributor. Original proof of purchase required.

Warranty coverage may be excluded if installation was not performed by Unitronic, Unitronic Authorized Dealer or other certified VAG specialty mechanic, or if product was modified, installed improperly, or used in any way, not intended by the manufacturer. This warranty does not cover labor, consequential damage to vehicle or vehicle components, shipping costs, loss of use of vehicle, loss of time or revenues, or other incidental damage or loss of use.

Product usage in Motorsports may result in denial of warranty claim, as operating conditions are inherently abusive in nature and fall outside of normal operating conditions. Upon verification and acceptance of warranty coverage by Unitronic, Unitronic will repair or replace the defective product.

Unitronic reserves the right to accept or deny warranty coverage at their full discretion. Warranty claims must be submitted to Unitronic within 48 hours of product defect.

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