Our Facility

Our Facility

At the cutting edge of technological advancement, Unitronic's Headquarters features some of the most sophisticated tools and equipment to engineer the finest automotive performance products for Volkswagen ®, Audi ®, Porsche ®, Seat ®, Skoda ®, Lamborghini ® and Bentley ® vehicles on the market. A DTS Engine Dynamometer, along with a Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer provides Unitronic real time data, expanding our capabilities to DELIVER THE POWER to you with absolute reliability. Because of the \"lab-like\" installation of our Dyno Room and components, Unitronic is able to replicate any temperature, condition, load, or road-like environment. These tools gives us the possibility to test various stock engines, as well as Unitronic's Hardware Products for their performance, reliability, strength, and integrity. With this ability, we are able to develop performance chip tuning software to complete the package with a comprehensive catalog of \"staged\" performance upgrades using these various engines and hardware products.

Unitronic's Hardware Engineering Department utilizes the latest in 3D scanning technology with our 3D Laser Scanner. This tool provides our staff with the ability to develop our Performance Hardware products with the highest level of precision currently possible within our industry which translates to perfect fitment and maximum performance possible.

Beyond the shop, Unitronic's facility includes over 12 offices, a conference room, reception/client waiting area and showroom that houses our Sales, Marketing, R&D, & IT teams. Unitronic's facilities have also recently expanded with a Distribution Warehouse located centrally in the USA to ensure all of our Clients can benefit from fast, efficient, and inexpensive shipping to their door step.

Check out the photos below to view the Unitronic Headquarters located in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

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