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Published on May 8, 2012 by Unitronic   -   56,731 views

VW Golf TDI Stage 1 Chip/Tuning Software Testimonial - by Unitronic

Published on Mar 29, 2012 by Unitronic   -   63,554 views

VW MK6 GTI Stage 2 Chip/Tuning Software Testimonial - by Unitronic

Published on Apr 4, 2012 by Unitronic   -   17,222 views

Volkswagen MK6 GTI Stage 1+ Chip/Tuning Software & Stage 2 DSG Tune Testimonial - by Unitronic


Steven Brice

Today I took my 2008 Audi A3 2.0T FSi in for a stage+1 flash. WOW~! I never felt this much power in my car. I can pull away in 6th gear without having to down shift to 5th. Just for fun I dropped down to 4th and punch it and the car took off like a rocket. Raced an Infinity g35R and left him two car lengths behind. The best 600 bucks spent on my car. Thanks to the crew at central tire in sinking springs Pa.
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Maximilian Kiemes

It's been almost a year now since I had a stage 2 flashed on my 03 Jetta. Many people came up to me on the day I got it flashed and told me " It's all fun to have that power, trust me I Know, but you'll tire of the constant surging in towns and thrill of having a super boosted car will soon wear off...Within 3-4 weeks. Sorry man I think you wasted your money." Its been 10 months now and every time I lean my foot on the go pedal next to some rich dad's Merc or BMW with a "super cool" high school kid behind the wheel, the look on there face as they fall behind and are unable to keep up is beyond priceless. In my area of town, if someone is talking smack and i'm not around someone is always there to back me up with a "I know a Jetta that'll give you a run for your money" A thousand thank you's for almost a year at 24 lb's, ~Max
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Joey Ruffolo

So After owning the car for three years (to the day) I decided it was time for more power. I spoke with Derick at Unitronic, knowing that the power curve was exactly what I was looking for. After receiving the information I wanted, I decided to set up an appt over at Mobile One Inc in Glenview, IL. I’m familiar with Jason at Mobile One, as I have talked to him at local events, and knew that my car was in good hands. 30 minutes after he took the car in, he told me it was ready.

Got in the car and since it was still warm, I let it rip. HOLY SHIT is all I have to say. I was planted to the seat, as I spun my tires shifting into second gear. I observed almost no power loss as the DSG shifts so quickly. I was tearing through the gears on the empty street and the power just kept coming. Little did I know, I was already approaching 100mph. Then on my 45 min drive back to school, I got over 30mpg’s at 80mph, which is ridiculous if you ask me. All in all, I gotta say the power is worth the price. Left me smiling, and the great gas mileage is an even better plus.
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Javier Angel

hola!!!! Repro realizada Stage 1 Bora 1.8t la verdad otro auto una reaccion increible... estoy muy feliz gracias Unitronic, muy buen trabajo seba.
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eric wilson

when i bought my 04 passat 4motion it was slow of the start a half hour after i got the stage 1 its alot more interesting to drive. thanks a million unitronic.P.S im looking for an exaust upgrade mine is dual.
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