WHY UNITRONIC Performance Tuning Products for Your VW ®* / Audi ®* / Porsche ®*?


Unitronic Performance Tuning Products are engineered to deliver instantaneous asphalt-shredding performance while maximizing your daily driving comfort and pleasure for your VW / Audi / Porsche. Harnessing the industry's most advanced technology, we guarantee to DELIVER THE POWER, resulting in a night and day difference that you will immediately feel and fall in love with. You will realize you are getting far more than your money's worth after living the Unitronic experience.

Unitronic Performance Tuning Products are engineered with the industry's most stringent quality control standards in direct accordance with the specifications established by the manufacturer to ensure complete reliability. In fact, Unitronic GOES BEYOND the standard specifications to develop chip/tuning software and hardware that will improve every aspect of your driving experience. You'll be blown away by the EXTREME POWER and PERFORMANCE.

Please visit our Unitronic Genuine Performance Products page for more information regarding why it is important to ensure the products you are purchasing are backed with authenticity, integrity, and reliability.

Unitronic's commitment to quality GOES BEYOND providing you industry-leading VW/Audi/Porsche software and hardware . Our highly trained and skilled customer service and technical support professionals will be there for you when you need them. At Unitronic, we have a passion to excel in everything we do. Our strategically selected Authorized Dealer Network provides and unmatched level of dedication and support for your European car. Our reputation speaks for itself. We're only a phone call away!

Unitronic Authorized Dealers are full-service professionals trained to quickly and effortlessly flash your vehicle with Unitronic Performance Software. Utilizing Unitronic's third-generation of Dealer Programming and Diagnostic Interfaces, UniPRO provides Dealers with greater capabilities, faster more efficient flashing procedures, and increased stability when combined with Unitronic's UniPRO application. In addition, Unitronic has developed its UniFLEX, the first multi-ECU platform boot-mode flashing tools for its Authorized Dealers extending their flashing capabilities. UniFLEX features interchangable heads for support with multiple ECU platforms including Bosch MED17.x and EDC17 with TC 1766, 1796, 1767, and 1797 processors.

Unitronic's comprehensive catalog of "Staged" performance upgrades allows you to progressively enhance your VW / Audi / Porsche at an affordable cost, at your own pace and leisure. Combining easily accessible products and fast, efficient installation guarantees that you will drive away with the feeling of owning a NEW car.

You will soon realize that there are no words to describe the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you try to contain your emotions of pure excitement and pleasure. Don't take our word for it; GET UNITRONIC NOW and LIVE THE EXPERIENCE.

We're so confident in our products, we provide you the comfort and security of knowing your purchase is refundable within our hassle free, no questions asked 15-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Things in life change all the time, but you can count on one thing remaining the same; the consistent quality of our products.
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